Thursday, March 26

Things I'll Miss From Taiwan

The location of our apartment is very convenient here in the city.  Right below our apartment building is a laundry lady (who washes, dries and folds our laundry since we don't have a washer or dryer in our studio), a convenience store, a restaurant and then a 2 minute walk from our place there is:  a hardware store, a DVD rental, a plethora of tea shops and a night market for great food.  We probably buy fried rice from one vendor at least once weekly.  For the longest time we both ate pork fried rice but now we're really enjoying beef fried rice.  Yummy.  So on a rainy weekend or a cold Saturday night we can walk down to the market, buy fried rice or noodles, then I will go and get a freshly made apple juice from a juice/tea shop, and then if we want we can pick up a movie on the walk home.  

I like the fresh apple juice.  It's delicious.

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