Tuesday, March 24

Rain, rain, go away

Well, the sporadic rains have been continuing and I think the poncho may become a regular part of my wardrobe.  

Today I was offered cherry tomatoes as a snack twice.  I don't particularly enjoy cherry tomatoes.  I will eat them in food, but not on their own, in a snack like fashion.  Well today, that happened, twice.  :)   It's really hard to turn food down when it's offered by locals.  

On the topic of food, Nic and I went for dinner last night with co-workers to a great  local Cantonese food place.  It's the type of food that you would consider to be "Chinese" - like sweet and sour chicken and chicken with peanuts.  Nic and I are now pros with the chopsticks and eating rice dishes with chopsticks is normal.  I also have grown a new love for snow peas.  They are very common in stir fry type dishes and come as a common vegetable with chicken dishes.  I love them!  

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katie said...

that's hilarious about the cherry tomatoes because I never once ate them there as a snack, but I do here all the time. You can only eat about 8 til the taste gets tiring, but I love 'em!

Also funny is that I updated my blog and mentioned things that I've missed from Taiwan and then I checked your blog and you did that today too!! Weird!