Saturday, March 21

Kids and Daken

On Saturday morning I teach a class of about 10 boys and one girl.   Sometimes they are little monkeys - or they really act like them, but other times they are cute.  I love when they smile.  I've posted some pictures of them below and of Nic's hike today in Daken... he went back and climbed to the top of the ridge.  It was a more "polluted" or "foggy" day today so the pictures aren't super clear, but I'm sure you get the idea.

Ian Lin - The one in the red - He has two English words perfected, "I'm sorry."  Then he bows.  It's hard to get really annoyed with him.
Kevin - His toothless grin makes me smile
Shawn - Sometimes he's a little too hyper - having a hearty laugh in this photo
The studious ones. 
Typical Shawn face

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