Friday, October 5

Bermuda Wedding Travel Plans

If you are planning on coming to the wedding in Bermuda, please feel free to email me if you need more information about the island. I have a booklet full of information that I can send to you as an attachment. Once you have confirmed your travel plans it would be helpful if you could email me and let me know the dates that you are planning on arriving and leaving the island, and where you are staying. This way I can do my best to help with transportation from the airport and the like. Please email me (Melanie) at:


Tuesday, August 28

Engagement Photos!

Our friend, Johanna, took some pictures for us on the beach and at an unfinished historical church in the town of St. Georoges . Click on the following link to look at the pictures.

Saturday, July 28

The Two of Us....

I am currently working at a small school in Bermuda called Learning Express Academy. I love teaching and my students ... it's a constant learning experience! I also love spending time with Nic and my family. I love the ocean, my friends, experimenting in the kitchen, reading and working with middle school girls - teaching them about their value given to them by God. :)

Nic is currently working on his Master's Degree in Old Testament Cultural Settings from Cincinatti Christian University. He is also working part time at The Rock, an urban teen center, in Springfield, Ohio. He is in charge of running the teen center, and discipleship. He has a passion for serving wherever Christ calls him. He likes coffee, reading, learning and travelling.

Nic and I met while working together at The Rock. He swept me off my feet - literally - you should ask me about it some time. :) I was a volunteer at the Rock and then when Nic moved back to Springfield after finishing his Bachelor's Degree in Poland, he came to work at the Rock. We both realized that we had the same passion for following Christ, whereever He leads, and for serving people... and well, the rest is history.

May 11, 2007

After a day of our favorite things: Tim Horton's breakfast sandwiches and a Subway picnic, were planning on having a "special" evening alone after a very busy week. However, in order to make the day seem ordinary, and to throw me off, Nic invited his parents to have dinner with us. We had a nice dinner in Yellow Springs and then planned on going to get icecream - just the two of us. On the way to Dairy Queen, he invited his roomate, Matt, to join us. Honestly, I was annoyed that our "special evening" was not spent alone. After eating icecream we went back to his apartment, and we were listening to a David Crowder CD and Nic asked if I would like to have my graduation gift. I went on a search for it through the apartment, and found an LCD picture frame. Nic told me then that he had fiddled with the frame. He had put various pictures of us on it that documented our relationship. At the end of the slideshow there were a progression of pictures of him standing until eventually he was on one knee with the ring in his hand. It was so thoughtful and special to the both of us. When I looked down he was on one knee, asked me to marry him, and I said YES! :)