Tuesday, August 28

Engagement Photos!

Our friend, Johanna, took some pictures for us on the beach and at an unfinished historical church in the town of St. Georoges . Click on the following link to look at the pictures.



Anonymous said...

hey its hollyn.....You guys look so cute i cant wait until the wedding....you guys schould come to one of me,rylee and brittany's competitions! That would be soooo much fun. WE were in columbus last weekand for our 2nd copetition. WE got 2nd Rylee got 2nd and brittany got 3rd, Well our teams did. WE are in sevearvill , Tenessee this fri. sat. sun. see ya in july or sooner Bye!!!!!!1:)

John Essig said...

I'd love to come to your wedding but we are not able to make the trip. We hope to see you at your reception. Our annual trip to NJ might fall that weekend but I think it will be in July.

I am excited for you and miss having your around here.


Valerie said...

Your Uncle Terry would be so proud of you for following Christ and going to all nations to preach and teach His word. Wishing you the best...