Friday, March 20

Busy... but we're back!

It has been a roller coaster month. One month ago today, my Grandmother, a woman that I love and cherish passed away. Dealing with the thought of this possibility had plagued my thoughts for months, and suddenly the nightmare became a reality. God is so faithful in small ways and in the huge, seemingly impossible ways. He provided a way for both Nic and I to go home to Bermuda for a week to celebrate the life of Mrs. Olive Correia and to be with family.

Now we're back in Taiwan. We're also really busy. I am nine weeks into my first semester of my Master's Degree in Curriculum and Instruction - with a focus in literacy. On top of the five classes that I am taking, which keep me really busy, we both teach about 22 hours a week, are trying to build and maintain relationships with our brothers and sisters in Taiwan and then of course build other friendships and continue to learn and explore this amazing culture.

Teaching, studying, working on assignments and the daily tasks of everyday life have kept me pretty busy. Oh, and upon return to Taiwan a flu attacked my immune system and knocked whatever energy I had left out of my body. Thanks to prayers from family and friends, my energy is back, I was sick for less than a week, and I've decided to begin writing again. I want this to be a venue to share our hearts with family and friends, and also a way for me to document this journey that is "Taiwan."

Last night Nic and I read My Upmost for His Highest and were encouraged that in living this life of faith sometimes we don't know where we are going, but we love the One who leads us!

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