Monday, August 18

We're Married and We're Moving....

God has truly taken us both on a wonderful adventure.  We were married on July 5th, 2008 in Bermuda.  We then had a wonderful honeymoon.  We travelled to the Azores, Lisbon, Venice, Paris and then to Ireland.  We came back to Ohio on July 26th and celebrated our wedding with a reception in Springfield, Ohio on August 2nd.

Since that time, we have been enjoying family and friends and getting ready for our next big adventure.  On Friday, August 22nd, we will leave from Columbus, Ohio and fly to JFK.  From JFK we will fly to Anchorage, Alaska in order to refuel, an then we will head to our destination of Taipei, Taiwan.  

Of course we both have mixed emotions about this new venture.  We are sad to be leaving family, friends, our countries, cultures and everything that is comfortable.  However, we are truly excited to begin the journey that we believe God has planned for us.  We will have one week of training with Hess Educational Organization so that we can be "prepared" English teachers to Mandarin and Taiwanese speakers.   After that week of training, we will begin our jobs as English teachers in Taichung, Taiwan.  

On this island of mountains, industry, rice, night markets and noodles, we hope to share Christ and His love with those we come into contact with.  We hope that through relationships in teaching, and community activity that we will have the opportunity to share the gospel.  

We don't know what to expect upon our arrival, but we are thankful to our Lord who is always with us, no matter where we go.  And we are thankful to have each other as partners on the journey.  

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