Tuesday, August 26

So far, so good!

(Please excuse all typos - I feel like I can hardly keep my eyes open!!)

So we have made it through two FULL days of training with Hess. Both days have been very long, especially as we are still trying to recover from jet-lag! We have been at the Hess Headquarters by 8:45 am and let out after 5…. The training has been very comprehensive. Yesterday we learned about the various stages of culture shock and we’ve also covered a ton of teaching stuff. We are SO thankful to have each other so that when we are going through the culture shock we can help each other. We are also blessed to have each other in that we meet twice as many people – and it’s cool because Nic is so gifted in befriending people – we try to encourage and bless those who are out here on their own.

Interesting things we’ve noted about Taiwan:

*Smells – our senses have been assulted by all of the street vendors - the flavors are also completely different.
*It’s suprisingly easy to get around and understand things (most signs are translated into English)
*The locals are very friendly to foreigners and if you’re willing to step out of your comfort zone they will too.
*A moped – you can fit a whole family of four on one.
* Mopeds, buses, taxis, all love to run through the pedistrian crossings, while we are crossing.
* Green tea is everywhere and in everything (including birthday cake, so we hear)
*Toilet paper doesn’t go in the toilet – it goes in a basket in the stall.

I am sure we are forgetting a lot – but that’s what we have noticed and what I can currently think of. We’re still exhausted from long days in training (and jet-lag, we both woke up at 4am both yesterday and today!), but are trying to get out and try local food.

We are enjoying this period of training; the sights and sounds of the big city, but we are also looking forward to discovering our new city, starting our jobs, setting up our apartment, building relationships, joining a church and getting into a routine!

Answers to Prayer:
*A Christian in our training team! An encouragement to us and we try to encourage him.
*We are surviving training and jetlag!
*We are learning the names of some food we enjoy and people have been very helpful!

*That God would provide an apartment that is close to work for Nic and I. We will be searching this Sunday (Saturday in Bermuda/US)
*That next Sunday we would be able to attend a church service – that God would lead us to a body of believers where we can be blessed and be a blessing! (This Sunday we are leaving Taipei, travelling to Taichung and have a meeting with the school to find our housing)
*That we will continue to reflect Christ in training – that our coworkers will see the difference in our lives.
*Continual adjustment to jet-lag!
*Successful end to training.

We love you all!

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Mike and Jenn Skinner said...

So glad you guys made it safely and are starting to adjust. You both are in our prayers. Take care!
Love to you both!
P.S....toilet paper not going in the toilet, very different