Wednesday, September 3

Somewhat settled!

We are finally somewhat settled! We found a sweet studio apartment in Taichung that we are enjoying. We have a make-shift kitchen with a camping stove and hot plate. We went to the Carrefour (a french type of Wal-Mart) and got some items to help us get started- i.e., towels, hangers, milk, cereal, tea, kettle and of course cleaning supplies. We were up until 2am this morning sweeping, mopping, dusting, scrubbing and rearranging, (Nic is an amazing sweeper and mopper!) but we are somewhat settled and have set up multiple living areas in our studio. There's the sleeping area, the kitchen area and a living area - we are just waiting for furniture which should be delivered on Saturday. We are on the 23rd floor and have a sweet view of the city. We are off now to get some more groceries and items to make our new place homey. We have today off - a huge treat and blessing as we prepare for our lessons and organize ourselves... i am making spaghetti for dinner and we begin teaching around 4pm tomorrow! Praise God for His goodness to us!

Love you all!

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