Tuesday, April 7


This morning I was working on assignments, as normal, when I smelled smoke.  I looked around the house, everything seemed normal, so I went back to work, typing away at my laptop.  The smell of smoke got stronger and stronger.  I took a break from typing at looked down.  There was smoke rising from my laptop charger.  Turns out it was melting somehow (ibooks chargers are infamous for this, so I hear) and as I moved it sparks started flying.  Well, I have experience of technological fires (last year I put out a fire in a microwave) and have learned from this experience to unplug the item from the source!  So I did that, and then unplugged it from my computer.  The cord has melted and it's "safe to say" that my laptop will be out of commission until we can find a new charger!  We'll look around here first, if we are unsuccessful, then maybe order one online...thankfully, Nic has a laptop so the work will continue.

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