Tuesday, April 7

Culinary Adventures

Although we both work until about 9pm at night, we have been trying to eat at home in order to keep in our monthly budget for food.  We will be reworking the budget this month as cooking meals at 9:40 at night is overwhelming, especially since I am usually exhausted from working on Master's assignments and then teaching for 4 hours.  Taiwan is really convenient for this new plan as we have the night market right next to our place and we can easily pick up fried rice, noodles, chicken or anything else.  

Last night was one of my final nights to make dinner before we change up our meal plans.  I decided to make Shake and Bake chicken legs for a treat.  They didn't turn out so well.

It was scary
This is a photo of the chicken legs.  For some reason, purple, lumpy blood oozed out of my
 chicken.  I'm sure it was thawed out - it just didn't look healthy at all.  I hope this doesn't make anyone feel sick.  I still feel a little woozy thinking about it.

So instead Nic got McDonald's (he's going to hate me for telling you all that... :)  and I got Gi-pi, otherwise known as extremely unhealthy fried unidentified part of a chicken.... and fries.



On a more upbeat note, here's a new Taiwan discovery.  Yellow watermelon.  That's right folks.

 It's yellow and it's a watermelon (there is pineapple closest to the camera - but behind that is watermelon).  Have you ever seen anything like this before? 

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